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Five Guys Named Moe Auditions

Five Guys Named Moe

Directed by Lou Warth Boeschen
Musical direction by Roland Haynes Jr.
Book by Clarke Peters
Music and Lyrics by Louis Jordan

Auditions will be held July 20 and 21 at 7 pm at 635 Elmwood Avenue. Please prepare 16-32 bars of music that best demonstrate your vocal range. Please pick a song in the style of the show. Please bring sheet music (no a cappella). Be prepared to move.

Character Breakdown
BIG MOE - An authoritative, stern, and wise Moe who is single and very large. (African American Male - 20-60 yrs old)

EAT MOE - A hungry Moe who is merry, optimistic, cheery and overweight. (African American Male - 20-60 yrs old)

FOUR-EYED MOE - The bespectacled, clear-sighten "leader" of the group who is irreverent and magnetic. (African American Male - 20-60 yrs old)

LITTLE MOE - A small, single Moe who likes his chicks large. He is sensitive to his size and very short-tempered. (African American Male - 20-60 yrs old)

NO MOE - A straightlaced, conservative, and high-classed Moe with a sense of humor. (African American Male - 20-60 yrs old)

NOMAX - Gloomy young man who is depressed about his girlfriend issues. A naive, self-absorbed, deadbeat alcoholic who needs to get his life together. (Male - 20-60 yrs old)

The Story: His woman left him, he's broke, and it's almost five o'clock in the mornin'. But don't be worryin' 'bout our hero, Nomax. Out of Nomax's '30s-style radio pop Five Guys Named Moe. They cajole, wheedle, comfort and jazz him with the whimsical hit songs of Louis Jordan, one of the most beloved songwriting talents of the twentieth century. With more than fifty top ten singles on the rhythm and blues charts, this great composer and saxophonist brought a popular new slant to jazz that paved the way for the rock-and-roll of the 1950's.

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